SaltPay Portugal

Everything we do is to help our merchants.

We listen, support and work every day to improve their lives.

Only in this way is it possible to build a payment company, designed together with our customers, to automate their operations and increase their revenues.



No Fidelization

Keep our service only as long as you are satisfied. No exit fees.


Online Management Portal

Query transactions/movements of services in real time. Integrations with invoicing software: receive the amounts transacted on the next business day.


High-quality technology

NFC contactless payments, 4G/3G/2G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, up to 10h battery and SIM card included. Operates on Android system, terminal very intuitive and simple to use.

icon liberdade bancaria

Total Freedom

Connect to any banking network of your choosing, with no bureaucracy or complications. Equipment delivery in less than 48h.

icon servicos adicionais

Additional Services

Android terminal with connection to a wide range of additional Pagaqui services, such as payments and top-ups.


Payment by link

A secure way to receive and manage orders placed over the phone without the need to ask for card details.

icon equipa dedicada

Dedicated team

Call center available with extended hours, 365/year.


Our team will visit you and activate your terminal, free of charge.

Are you ready?